Compile Ubuntu Image from Source Code


A x86 computer which runs Ubuntu 22.04


1. install the below packages:

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu bison \
qemu-user-static qemu-system-arm qemu-efi u-boot-tools binfmt-support \
debootstrap flex libssl-dev bc rsync kmod cpio xz-utils fakeroot parted \
udev dosfstools uuid-runtime git-lfs device-tree-compiler python2 python3 \
python-is-python3 fdisk bc debhelper python3-pyelftools python3-setuptools \
python3-distutils python3-pkg-resources swig libfdt-dev libpython3-dev

2. To checkout the source and build:

git clone
cd ubuntu-rockchip

3. Switch to the branch of mixtile-blade3

git checkout mixtile-blade3

4. All Build

sudo ./ --board=mixtile-blade3

5. If you only want to compile kernel and uboot, you can use the following command

Only build kernel

sudo ./ --board=mixtile-blade3 -k

6. Only build uboot

sudo ./ --board=mixtile-blade3 -u
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