IoT Gateway Hardware Solutions for Industrial Controls

An IoT gateway is a crucial hardware solution to the IoT infrastructure as it connects the Cloud with many IoT devices and sensors. And the total number of installed IoT devices is reckoned to be more than 35 billion and is expected to reach 75 billion by 2025 (From IoT Analytics). In Industrial control systems, IoT edge computing manages data collected by IoT sensors for tracking machine performance, ultimately reducing downtime and maintenance costs. However, when it comes to implementing the connections, choosing the right industrial IoT gateway can be overwhelming for your specific application requirement in industrial controls.

Choosing Right Industrial IoT Gateway: Factors to Consider for Industrial Control Systems

It is difficult for general-purpose IoT gateways to meet the application requirements of specific scenarios for industrial controls. A certain amount of customization will be required. What factors should you consider when choosing industrial IoT gateways / industrial control systems / industrial controllers?

Installation Location

In different industries, heat, extreme cold, dust, debris, and vibration shock are the problems associated with devices. Therefore, high attention needs to be paid to durability and reliability.

Connection Option

To ensure seamless Internet connectivity, industrial gateways must support multiple connectivity options such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Lora, Z-wave, and Zigbee, as well as provide compatibility with industrial controllers.

Data Security

The primary purpose of an IoT gateway is to transmit data across devices via sensors. When considering an IoT gateway or IoT edge computing device, verifying the device’s data security capabilities is crucial for various industrial solutions.

Storage Capacity

IoT gateway collects massive amounts of data from multiple devices, sensors, and machines with local storage. Depending on your business, choose an IoT gateway with suitable storage space.


Why Mixtile Edge 2 Stand Out for
Your Industrial Solutions?

There are some reasons for the Edge 2 available that you can use to customize smart industrial projects, whether you want more performance or expansion modules support.
View Mixtile Edge 2 to find out how it can effectively help you to optimize your smart industrial solutions according to budget and needs.

Robust and Durable

In addition to long-term availability for 10+ years, it provides industrial-grade options with long and stable operation between -40°C and 85°C. The rugged outer enclosure can also be customized for volatile environments in industrial controls.

High-performance Processor

Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55, up to 2.0GHz, supports edge computing for data pre-processing, cleansing, filtering, and optimization, enabling visualization and complex analytics. Enterprises would be able to optimize their production lines in a timely manner.

Convenient expansion slots for communication

M.2 expansion slot and SIM Card Holder are available to add Cellular modules, and the MiniPCIe expansion slot is for LoRa modules. Mixtile Edge 2 allows IoT devices, even legacy hardware, to connect successfully to the Cloud. *Support to add modules according to your specific requirements.

Flexible Power Input

In industrial controls, it is important to have multiple power options that can support various use cases and applications. Mixtile Edge 2 offers power options, including Type-C, DC, and SATA, while consuming less energy than a regular desktop computer.

Wide Range of Connections

RS485, a great add-on, is used as the physical layer for many standards and proprietary automation protocols to implement control systems, most commonly Modbus. With onboard GbE, Edge 2 processes the capability to execute critical tasks at the network’s edge to reduce latency. You can connect your gateway to a router or the Cloud via Wi-Fi.

Built-in NPU

It is highly optimized for intelligence applications. Mixtile Edge 2 can process and understand data rather than requiring a third party or human to decipher and process the information. IoT gateways are themselves an example of the intelligent edge at play.

Advantages of Mixtile Industrial IoT Gateway Solution

Enables you to detect and classify objects in your images and videos in real-time to help you maximize your efficiency.

1.Customization Options

For meeting specific objectives and business development needs in industrial controls and industrial control systems, customization of the wide temperature version, network modules, and I/O interfaces can be done accordingly.

2. Reliable and Security

Ensuring that IoT gateways feature data protection functionality is critical. Edge 2 features TrustZone, which enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for IoT devices. The technology reduces the potential for attack by isolating critical security firmware, assets and private information from the rest of the application.

3. Rich Connectivity

To ensure swift communication between industrial devices, various network connections such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Z-wave, and Zigbee are essential in industrial controls. Mixtile Edge 2 is perfect for IoT edge computing in hardware solutions.

4. Compact Design

For efficient deployment and reduced operating costs in industrial controls, Mixtile Edge 2 can be installed even in constrained spaces with its compact design and easy integration with other devices.