Boot from a MicroSD Card

You can boot Mixtile Blade 3 (hereinafter referred to as Blade 3) using eMMC, in MaskROM mode, or using a microSD card. This document describes how to boot Blade 3 from a microSD card.



Step 1. Download the microSD card building tool

Click to download the tool.

Step 2. Use the SDDiskTool to make the booting card

Note: You can only use SDDiskTool for making the booting card.

Configure the tool, as shown in the following figure. Note that SD Boot is selected, which is different from the setting for making a microSD card for upgrade.

Figure 1. Making the booting card

Step 3. Boot from the microSD card

3.1 Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot of Blade 3.

3.2 Switch position 2 of the dip switch to ON to make Blade 3 boot from the microSD card.

Figure 2. Inserting the microSD card to Blade 3

Description to the setting of the dip switch:

Figure 3. Dip switch of Blade 3
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