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Smart Home Hub

Breaking barriers among different brands and working together with smart home devices from various brands to build a smart home for you. 


Simple_Mixtile Hub

Simple setup, user friendly app interface, step by step instructions.



Local data processing and storage,  end to end encryption in addition to SSL.



Open software framework, upgradeable system…

Welcoming home

Always back to a welcoming home

When you arrive home, your lights will turn on automatically, and you will get a comfortable temperature…

Get connected with your home wherever you are

You will know what is happening in your home even you are travelling for holidays and you can fix unexpected problems remotely. Here is an assured leaving.

Connected Home
Morning Routine

Start your day feeling refreshed

The light will turn on automatically at a scheduled time and help you wake up naturally. No noisy alarm clock, just start your refreshing day.

Enjoy a peaceful night

You can trigger your sleep mode by a single click of a smart button: your lights off, temperature adjusted, security system armed…

Peaceful Light