Known Issues

The following content describes known issues in firmware release and possible workarounds.

Firmware Release Version_20230505 Known Issues
Issue Internal Ref. 200081
Description: Fail to enter Loader Mode after using “adb reboot loader” command
Workaround: use MaskROM Mode or MicroSD Card to update the firmware
Keywords: update, Loader Mode
Discovered in Version: 20230505
Issue Internal Ref. 200091
Description: Ethernet is not working when booting Blade 3 from MicroSD Card
Workaround: Avoid to boot from MicroSD Card, ethernet is working normally when booting from eMMC
Keywords: boot, MicroSD Card, ethernet
Discovered in Version: 20230505
Issue Internal Ref. 200113
Description: Use Type-C port of Blade 3 for DisplayPort output, plug in and plug out the Type-C cable very quickly within one second, DisplayPort output will fail
Workaround: The time between plug in and plug out Type-C cable should over one second
Keywords: Type-C, Displayport
Discovered in Version: 20230214 and 20230505

Please refer to page “Bug Fixes” if you want to know about a list of bugs fixed in current version.