About Mixtile

What is Mixtile?

Mixtile is an internet-independent smart home platform that can help you build a secure and functional automated home easily.

What can I do with Mixtile?

You can monitor, control and automate all connected devices just as you want. Simultaneously you put your home’s data at lowest risk of leak, because all data of your smart home is processed and stored locally.

What is local processing and internet-independent processing?

Local processing, or internet-independent processing, is the opposite of cloud-based processing. In a cloud-based smart home, when you control a connected device through the app, your phone sends a signal to the server in the cloud via internet, then after being processed it comes back to the hub at home via internet, and at last to that device.

Local processing and internet-independent processing, by contrast, don’t include the cloud in the process, your phone sends a signal directly to the hub and it is processed locally by the hub itself.

In Mixtile system, local processing is adopted and only you and authorized family members can access your smart home.

What devices can Mixtile Hub work with?

Mixtile supports a wide range of devices from different brands, and the list is expanding. You can check all Mixtile-compatible devices here.

Can I use Mixtile Hub in my country?

Yes, Mixtile Hub supports users worldwide. No matter where you are living now, you can always find a suitable Mixtile Hub model.

How do I start with Mixtile?

First download Mixtile app in Google Play or App Store, then you need to add your Mixtile Hub and other Mixtile-compatile devices to the system.

How many devices can I connect to Mixtile Hub?

Mixtile Hub can support hundreds of devices at a time, so usually you can add as many devices as you want.

Does Mixtile Hub work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

Though Mixtile Hub itself also works as a voice assistant, we provide other options. Working with Alexa and Google will be available in the coming months.

What is the difference between Mixtile and Alexa and Google?

Mixtile as a voice assistant also uses local processing, not cloud-based, so it is always responsive. It may not be as smart as you expect, but it will not upload your voice to the cloud or anywhere to protect your privacy.

Does Mixtile work with Apple HomeKit?

Not yet, but we would like to support HomeKit when that becomes possible for multi-brand platforms.

Is there any other fees using Mixtile Hub?

No. You don’t need to pay any monthly fee. Mixtile app is also free to use and all future software update is free as well.

What can I do if I have problem using Mixtile Hub?

You can write to our technical support directly to or you may want to share your case with others in the community, where you can also find useful tutorials and solutions.

Mixtile Hub User Manual

Mixtile Starter Kit Quick Start Guide

FOSS, which stands for Free and Open Source Software, is licensed to be free to use, modify and distribute. In accordance with certain FOSS licenses, Mixtile is pleased to make available to you a list of FOSS that used in Mixtile.

Mixtile provides the list on an “As is” basis without representations or warranties of any kind. You agree that you are use the FOSS is at your sole risk. Mixtile will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of the FOSS, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

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Eclipse SmartHome

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