Thank you for showing interest in Mixtile single board computer product.
Now you can operate and experience a Mixtile board remotely via this demo page.

Here’s how it works

1. We provide the web console, and you can click the Product Demo button to enter this web console.

2. You use that console to enter commands for a Mixtile Blade 3 board via the default account
(username: demo & password: mixtile)

3. That board executes your commands!

What can you make it do? Below are a few examples…

1. Kick the tires! Poke around within the Debian Linux operating system running on Mixtile board.

2. Put it through its paces! Run benchmarking tools to test the board’s CPU and GPU performance.

3. Blinkenlights! Control GPIO-connected LEDs. Generate a creative blink pattern, send a message in Morse code, or…surprise us!

Commands for LED control:
./ off
./ on