Smart Home Automation

Mixtile Hub is an internet independent smart home controller that can manage various smart devices from different brands to achieve home automation by setting up schedules and routines.

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Easy to Use

Simple Setup with Mixtile Starter Kit

 Mixtile Hub and Mixtile Starter Kit are paired before factory. Simply place your starter kit properly, and your smart home is there for you.  Start your smart home with Mixtile Hub and Mixtile Starter Kit in the most approachable way. Learn More

All in one App

 With Mixtile Hub, your can manage your smart devices within one app. The considerate design of Mixtile App provides a very easy way to add devices and set routines.

Quick device discovery

Automatically search available smart devices; easy to add devices.

Quick setup

Step by step instructions to help you configure your routine.

Internet Independent

1.2GHz Quad-Core Cortex™-A7

The most powerful processor ever in a smart home controller/hub

Local data process and Storage

With a powerful processor, Mixtile Hub can handle data locally and store data in the hub itself, no risk of exposing data to cloud.

offline working

Mixtile Hub can work even without internet.  A local area network is needed, which can be solved with a router.

Double Encryption

The unique encryption in Mixtile Hub

Mixtile Hub values your data and privacy. In addition to standard SSL,  it adds end to end encryption to protect data transmission that all data would only be recognizable by the hub and your phone.

High Compatibility

Not Sporadic devices, but one connected home

Mixtile Hub supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and other connected devices for which there are corresponding and adaptive plugins installed. There are different models for corresponding countries/regions. Check the Mixtile Hub Model List.

Climate Sensor
Climate Sensor

And more…

Contact Sensor
Water Leak Sensor
Water Leak Sensor
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Smoke Sensor

Mixtile Hub is compatible with a wide range of smart home brands: Philips,  GE, D-Link, Samsung, Iris by Lowe’s, Orsam Sylvania, Nest, Yale, Bosch, Accton, CentraLite, Aeotec, NEO Coolcam, Dome, ZooZ, iHorn, Aqara, Heiman, Xiaomi and more. Check the full list.


Built-in Voice Assistant

With the built-in voice assistant, Mixtile hub can understand your command and help you do the rest. By simply asking Mixtile Hub nicely, free your hands to control your home. Set your ambiance at a second is possible.

See the full list of working voice commands here:

Voice Commands

Instant Notification

Mixtile Hub will send notifications to you timely and allow you to be connected with your home wherever you are. You can solve unexpected problems at your home remotely in no rush, even you are travelling.

You can add contact Info to the device screen and dial the person directly.


Mixtile Hub is compatible with Eclipse SmartHome Framework, customizing your  own mixtile hub is possible.


In case of a power failure, Mixtile hub can continue working for up to 10 hours with the built-in rechargeable battery.


You can see the status of all your connected devices on a TV or display when the hub and TV/display are connected with a HDMI cable. You can monitor all your rooms without picking up your phone.




1.2GHz Quad-Core Cortex™-A7



Built-in Speaker


Built-in Battery

2500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery


Input: AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 0.6A, Output: 5V/2.5A


IEEE 802.11b/g/n, ZigBee HA, Z-Wave Plus, BLE4.0


1GB DDR3 1333MHz


5.5 x 5.5 x 1.1inches/140 x 140 x 27mm

Network Connection

2.4G Wi-Fi/Ethernet


USB Port *1, HDMI Port*1, Ethernet Port*1