Mixtile Edge 2 Kit is a high-performance IoT gateway designed specifically for the power grid industries, offering efficient data collection and processing capabilities among devices. With versatile features including multiple I/O ports, a pre-installed Linux OS, support for various communication protocols, and a pre-configured Firewall, it ensures reliable and secure operation. The gateway supports DIN-Rail installation and comes with a removable back cover, making it ideal for rapid mass deployment, saving space, and facilitating easy maintenance.

Reliable Connectivities for Data Transmission

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit supports various wired and wireless connections for better compatibility with other devices. With up to 6 antennas support and expanded storage capacity, it ensures smooth data transfer from power grid devices to the gateway and onwards to the cloud, guaranteeing reliable communication throughout the network.

Physical Interfaces

  • Gigabit Ethernet Port (RJ45)
  • Serial Port (RS-485)


Multiple Antenna Expansion

  • Reserved up to 6 antenna ports
  • Optional expansion of Wi-Fi, 4G/5G Cellular, GPS, and Lora antennas


Local Storage Expansion

  • External SSD Support
  • MicroSD Support


Wireless Capability

  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • M.2 interface for expanding 4G/5G Cellular modules
  • Mini-PCIe interface for expanding LoRa, Zigbee and Z-Wave modules


Support Range of Linux Distributions

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit supports multiple Linux distributions and has been adapted to Alpine Linux, OpenWrt, Debian, Ubuntu and Yocto. It provides high customizability and extensive community support. Its open-source nature helps reduce costs while offering powerful security and stability. It meets power grid application scenarios’ real-time, stability, and security requirements.

Pre-configured Necessary IIoT Software

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit has been pre-configured with SQLite, Mosquitto MQTT, OpenVPN, Modbus, and others. Cloud-based dashboards offer the advantage of internet accessibility from anywhere, providing real-time data visualization and device management capabilities. All these software functionalities serve as the foundation for data collection, device management, and operational support.

Cloud Integration

Provides out-of-the-box solutions to connect AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure via MQTT, supporting cloud-based dashboards.

Database Management System (DBMS)

SQLite, used for local storage and management of data.

Pre-configured Software

Python, Mosquitto MQTT, OpenVPN.

Communication Protocol Stack

Supports Modbus industrial communication protocol to ensure compatibility with devices in the power grid.

Enhanced Failsafe Security Protection

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit supports Failsafe functionality, which prevents system crashes and data loss. The Failsafe functionality ensures that the gateway remains safe and controllable even if it fails, examples include the following:

DIN-Rail Enables Rapid Mass Deployment

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit supports integrated DIN Rail installation, allowing for easy mounting on standard rails commonly found in industrial control cabinets, distribution boxes, and other similar applications. No additional brackets are required, saving space and facilitating maintenance.

* New hardware upgrade of Mixtile Edge 2 Kit v1.1.

Improved Usability with Removable Design

The unique design of a removable back cover makes it more convenient to install and remove M.2 modules and SIM cards.

* New hardware upgrade of Mixtile Edge 2 Kit v1.1.

2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-wave Module for Home Assistant

If you run Home Assistant with Edge 2 Kit IoT gateway, consider getting Mixtile 2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave mPCIe Interface Module. It works seamlessly with Edge 2 Kit IoT Gateway. It supports Over-The-Wire (OTW) Firmware Update via the mini PCIe interface, which allows easy and quick firmware updates for both protocols. It will also support Matter specifications with a future Mixtile firmware update.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Details
  • CPU: Rockchip Quad-core Cortex-A55 SoC Processor RK3568
  • NPU: 1 Tops
  • Memory: 2/4GB LPDDR4 DRAM Memory and 16/32GB eMMC
  • Compatible with High-Definition Multimedia Interface / eDP / MIPI-DSI + TP / MIPI-DSI / MIPI-CSI
  • Video encoder: 1080P@60fps H.264/H.265 video encoder
  • Video decoder: 4K@60fps H.265/H.264/VP9 video decoder
  • Storage expansion: Micro-SD 3.0 Flash Expansion Socket,  M.2 Socket: PCIe 3.0, USB2.0, SIM Socket
  • Other expansions: Mini-PCIe Socket: USB2.0, I2C, U.2 Extension Socket: SATA or PCIe 2.0, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet.
  • USB: Three USB3.0 ports
  • GPIOs: One RS485 and two TTLDigital I/O, SPDIF, I2C, DMIC
  • Wireless Technology: WiFi 6 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.0, Support 4G/5G module
  • Power: 12V DC / SATA power socket, Type-C PD3.0 Power input(max 3A @ 20V)
  • Clock: Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +80°C
Block Diagram

Usage and Benefits

Edge 2 Kit is an interface-rich IoT edge computer, with a huge possibility of applications that can be developed with high performance, low power consumption, and at a low cost. It has two external Wi-Fi antennas and reserved space for 6 antennas. Utilizing these antennas it opens up a lot of opportunities for integrating wireless technologies. In this technically advanced era, ARM SBC-based Edge 2 kit provides the much-needed support for the expansion of wireless modules. It makes for an ideal computing unit as especially with its Wi-Fi connectivity features it provides developers an interruption-free network anytime, anywhere.