Use CAN Interface

The Edge 2 board has a CAN interface, and the CAN pin specification is already stated in the Connectors and Pinouts section. User must first read the CAN chip specification before configuring CAN. Edge 2 does not have a CAN chip, and the user must develop their own board in order to use the CAN interface.. The CAN chip TJA1042, for example, can be deployed.

If necessary, you could follow the below steps to test CAN communication.

Step 1:

Type the below information in the serial console:

ip link set can0 down
ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000 dbitrate 500000 fd on
ip link set can0 up

Step 2:

Type the below command in ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

candump can0

Step 3:

Type the below information in the serial console:

cansend can0 7DF#0201000000000000

Then you could see the output in ADB (Android Debug Bridge) as below:

can0  7DF   [8]  02 01 00 00 00 00 00 00
can0  7E8   [8]  06 41 00 FF FF FF FF 00

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