Mixtile 2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave mPCIeインターフェース・モジュール

$19.90 - $22.90

Compatible with Zigbee/Thread/Matter and Z-Wave

Mixtile 2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave mPCIe Interface Module is designed for Home Assistant users and developers. It offers easy connectivity with Zigbee and Z-Wave and will support Matter and Thread specifications with a future Mixtile firmware update. It supports Over-The-Wire (OTW) Firmware Update via the mini-PCIe interface, which allows easy and quick firmware updates for both protocols.

Mixtile 2-in-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave mPCIe Interface Module is compatible with any IoT gateway and PC with the mini-PCIe interface and runs the Home Assistant. It also works seamlessly with our Mixtile Edge 2 Kit IoT gateway.

Mixtile also provides external Zigbee and Z-Wave antennas, offering the advantages of high-speed and stable signals. The antennas effectively increase signal strength and extend the range over long distances. Additionally, it features a 15 cm SMA to IPX MHF coax cable, allowing for easy installation in various enclosures.

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* Shipped by the end of July 

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