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Logistics IoT: a Climate-Saving Accident?

What Happens When You “Checkout” Buying something online is one of the simplest things you can do. You don’t need to even get dressed or brush your teeth–you simply go online, click “Checkout,” and that’s it. Brand new Superman pajamas. They arrive at your door a few days later. Behind the scenes, it’s the opposite […]

How can IoT help to save nature?

Saving Endangered Species The Dugong (or sea cow) is a real-life version of a kid’s drawing. It’s big, chunky and uneven, with little black dots for eyes and a resting smile that truly makes it look straight out of a kindergarten drawing. It’s an entirely harmless mammal, subsisting on an exclusively vegetarian diet. In fact, […]

Impact of Covid-19 on IOT

The Market for IoT During CoV When the novel Coronavirus broke out in March of this year, business and industry across the board tanked. As one would expect, sales of internet of things technologies fell with the rest of the market. Since March sales have recovered, but not to the highs of previous years. Consider […]

Protect your Privacy from Smart Home Threats

As smart home devices gain more popularity, so do threats that come with them. Hackers, viruses and other cybersecurity threats are starting to get into smart homes around the world to take advantage of people and private information. Just imagine somebody hacking cameras of your house and leaking videos of your private life online. Or […]