Mixtile Hub Models

We have prepared the following Mixtile Hub models according to your destination and the corresponding Z-Wave frequency requirements. Please check the table below to find out that which model you will receive.

If your hub support ZigBee only without Z-Wave function, the model is H17AB, no matter which countries/regions.

Z-Wave products will have to comply to the standards and frequencies by using the correct hardware given by the MODULE VER. and the SW. LIB used in the firmware.

H17AE-EU-EAlgeriaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-AArgentinaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-EArmeniaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-ANZ-AAustraliaAS/NZS 4268919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AU-US-UBahamasFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-BBahrainEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UBarbadosFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UBermudaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UBoliviaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-ANZ-UBrazilANATEL Resolution 506919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-EU-BBritainEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UBritish Virgin IslandsFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UCanadaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UCayman IslandsFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-ECEPT*EN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-ANZ-EChile919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-CN-AChinaCNAS / EN 300 220 / CMIIT 2016DJ7232868.4MHzECN
H17AU-US-UColombiaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-JP-UCosta RicaARIB T96, ARIB STD-T108922.5MHz, 923.9MHz, 926.3 MHzHJP
H17AU-US-UEcuadorFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-EEgyptEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-ANZ-UEl Salvador919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-EU-EFrench GuianaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EGeorgiaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UGuatemalaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UHaitiFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-UHondurasFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-HK-BHong KongHKTA 1035919.8MHzHHK
H17AE-IN-BIndiaCSR 564 (E)865.2MHzEIN
H17AE-EU-EIndonesiaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EIraqEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UJamaicaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-JP-UJapanARIB STD-T108922.5MHz, 923.9MHz, 926.3MHzHJP
H17AE-EU-BJordanEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EKazakstanEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EKuwaitEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-ELebanonEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-KR-BMacau920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 923.1MHzHKR
H17AH-ANZ-BMalaysiaMCMC MTSFBTC T007: 2014919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-EU-BMauritiusEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UMexicoFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-CN-EMoroccoCNAS / EN 300 220 / CMIIT 2016DJ7232868.4MHzECN
H17AH-ANZ-ANew ZealandAS/NZS 4268919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AU-US-UNicaraguaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-BNigeriaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EOmanEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AU-US-UPanamaFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-ANZ-EParaguay919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AH-ANZ-UPeru919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-EU-UPhilippinesEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-BQatarEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-RU-ERussiaGKRCh/EN 300 220869.0MHzERU
H17AE-EU-BSaudi ArabiaEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-KR-BSingapore920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 923.1MHzHKR
H17AH-KR-ESouth KoreaClause 2, Article 58-2 of Radio Waves Act920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 923.1MHzHKR
H17AU-US-BSt Kitts & NevisFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AU-US-ESurinameFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AH-KR-UTaiwanChanged from JP May 2017920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 923.1MHzHKR
H17AH-KR-UThailandNBTC920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 923.1MHzHKR
H17AU-US-UTrinidad & TabagoFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-UTurkmenistanEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AE-EU-EUAEEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-ANZ-BUruguay919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AU-US-UUSAFCC CFR47 Part 15.249908.4MHz, 916MHzUUS
H17AE-EU-UUzbekistanUz.SMT.01.334.1961745868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU
H17AH-ANZ-UVietnam919.8MHz, 921.4MHzHANZ
H17AE-EU-BYemenEN 300 220868.4MHz, 869.85MHzEEU

*CEPT is the European regional organisation dealing with postal and telecommunications issues and presently has 45 Members: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Vatican.