Expand your AIoT network

Mixtile Link is a gateway designed to work with Mixtile Edge. With Mixtile Edge as the brain of your AIoT network, you can connect any number of Mixtile Link s to expand your AIoT network to cover medium-to-large-sized buildings. Every corner in your home has reliable and secure connections, and all your devices in your AIoT network are interconnected. For example, the motion sensor on the 5th floor can trigger the lights in the basements instantly.

Keep your private data at home

Just like any Mixtile technology, Mixtile Link processes all your data locally inside the gateway, eliminating the risks of having your smart home getting hacked or having your privacy leaked from a cloud server. Besides securing your privacy, local processing enables you to get reliable connections and real-time response, even when there is limited or no Internet connection. There is no latency usually associated with cloud processing.

Customize your gateway

Depending on the needs of your AIoT network, Mixtile Link can be customized to have either a single protocol or multiple protocols. It supports all the latest communication protocols such as Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth 5/Mesh, Wi-Fi 6, and Infrared. With infrared connectivity, your IR appliances such as regular TV, air conditioners, etc. can be included in your smart home system.

Choose your favorite devices

You’re not limited to one brand! With Mixtile Link, you can use all your favorite brands and devices within the Mixtile app. Besides smart devices, you also get the flexibility to choose your smart-voice assistants: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And if that is not enough, you can develop your own devices and features with the open-source software and MQTT support.

Flexible portfolio of products available.

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