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Mixtile Smart Home Hub top view render

Mixtile Hub.

Keep your smart home data at home.
Convenience that won’t put your privacy at risk.

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No one can spy on your smart home.

Home is the most private place in the world. Mixtile Hub is a smart home hub designed to bring convenience to your home without sacrificing your privacy. All data processed locally, no one can spy on your smart home with Mixtile Hub. Even as manufacturer, we don’t have the access to your data. Your home’s location, family daily routines, details of your smart devices, info of your phone and tablet, video and voice…You own your own data at home.

A smart home system works
when the cloud doesn’t.

How does it work? Mixtile Hub is a local smart home hub that processes all data internet-independently. When you are at home, it’s a totally offline smart home, where internet is not needed at all to control the system. All commands are processed instantly by Mixtile Hub, thanks to the powerful built-in processor. When you are not at home, off to work or on vacation, internet is only needed for you to communicate with Mixtile Hub via Mixtile app, the commands you send also processed locally. So your Mixtile smart home works when there’s no cloud or internet. Besides, end-to-end double layers of encryption for the communication further protects your smart home privacy.

Mixtile Smart Home System front view render

Work with the most popular smart devices.

Mixtile Hub not only works as a Zigbee Z-Wave hub, but also supports all kinds of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices from different brands. You can add your favorites to your home and enjoy the convenience a fully functional smart home brings without putting privacy at risk. Check what devices that Mixtile already supports.

Mixtile supports multi protocols
Ask Mixtile Home Automation System to turn on lights

Free your hands by
asking Mixtile.

Responsive voice control is available the moment power is on, no network or configuration required. You can ask Mixtile to add new devices, control them and start an automation routine. When an unexpected event happens, water leak or power cut, for instance, real-time voice prompt tells you what is happening without your taking a look at your phone. The built-in voice assistant also runs locally. Mixtile Hub neither stores your voice nor uploads it to the cloud, because the best way to protect your privacy is to collect as little as possible.

Home control from anywhere

Control your connected home from anywhere.
Multiple systems, one account.

With Mixtile app, you can monitor and control your connected home from the beach, on a train, from your office or bed. You can easily share access to all family members. Turning home and office both into Mixtile system, you can manage two systems or more in one Mixtile account. No need to log in and out to switch among systems.

control connected home from anywhere
one account manages several systems
share access to family members
Mixtile app covers Android & iOS users
Home control from anywhere
The Locations page in Mixtile app

Open-source software to enhance
your smart home.

The open-source software in Mixtile Hub makes it possible for you to contribute to your own smart home and enhance it with the efforts of all Mixtile lovers. Mixtile Hub supports Domoticz, Home Assistant, openHAB, etc. Now DIY smart home gets far easier base on the exsiting Mixtile home automation system. Write your own script, and share your work with the community to help each other.

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