Mixtile IoT System for Smart Home or Business

I spent some time with my friends over at Mixtile, to learn about how a more connected home can help in security, ability to control rooms, keep the IoT devices from your home WiFi, and more. All within the Mixtile ecostructure.

What is Mixtile?

This is an IoT system you can put in a home, a business, or other area. The Mixtile system could connect hundreds of devices to the Internet, so it would work in a work, hotel, or other living care facility.

The idea is to put certain items into WiFi containers, using the products Mixtile supplies. For example – all your security cameras could be attached to a “Camera” wifi network, which is secure from the “guests” wifi.

Mixtile also works with 56 brands, and 152 devices. It includes support with Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth to connect devices that are non-Wifi based. Therefore, you could turn on-off TV’s via Infrared (IR), control sensors around your building, and get alerts for your smart home.

Alexa or Google? Instead say “Hi Mixtile”.

With so many personal assistants, Mixtile can wrap it all in one, so you don’t have to remember which device is Alexa enabled, Google Home enabled, or Siri. Simply use the Mixtile wake up word.

Mixtile devices are also placed on walls or ceilings, so you can reduce the clutter of all these assistants, USB plugs, and power cables. Mixtile is affixed right into the home power grid.

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