About Mixtile Hub

What is Mixtile Hub?

Mixtile Hub is an internet independent smart home controller that can manage various smart devices from different brands to achieve home automation by setting up schedules and routines.

What sets your Mixtile Hub apart from other smart home hubs?
  • Mixtile Hub is internet independent. It processes all data locally and store the data in the hub itself.
  • Mixtile Hub has a built-in voice assistant, you can control your home just by asking nicely. The voice control can work even without internet.
  • You can see your smart device status on the TV or display when the hub and TV/display are connected with a HDMI cable. You can monitor your rooms without pick up your phone.
  • Mixtile Hub has open framework, and you can add more devices from different brands to it if only you further develop it.
In which countries could I use Mixtile Hub?

Mixtile Hub can work worldwide. Corresponding plug (US/EU/UK/AU) will be provided according to your country/area.

How do I access Mixtile Hub?

You can access Mixtile Hub via the Mixtile App, which will be available in Apple App Store and Google Play..

How do I add devices to Mixtile Hub?

You can add your smart device by following the step by step instructions in Mixtile App

Is Mixtile Hub compatible with Apple Homekit?

It doesn’t support Homekit yet. We would like to support HomeKit when that becomes possible for multi-brand platforms.

Is there any software update in the future?

Yes, the Mixtile software is upgradable that we will improve the user experience and enrich the compatibility list all the time.

Is it secure to use your Mixtile Hub?

Yes, it is securer than ever to use Mixtile Hub. Mixtile Hub has a powerful processor that it can process and store data locally, not cloud-based and no risk of data leak to uncontrollable public domain. What’s more, Mixtile Hub has the end to end encryption to protect data transmission in addition to standard SSL, your privacy is guaranteed.

Can I control my smart devices remotely?

Yes, you can control and monitor your smart devices worldwide with Mixtile App only if there is a working internet connection (a Mixtile account is required).

Must I create an account to use this hub?

No, you can use this hub without an account. However, some functions are only available to account-created users. It is recommended to create an account.

What is the difference between Mixtile voice control and cloud-based voice control technology?

Mixtile voice assistant is built in the hub, not cloud-based. It processes voice commands locally and always provides a rapid response, no matter with the internet. It is not so multi-functional. but it protects your data and privacy.

What is covered with your warranty and for how long?

We offer a limited one year warranty for all Mixtile products

Are there any additional costs?

No, there is no additional cost.