Boot from MicroSD Card

If you want to make Blade 3 boot from MicroSD card, you could follow the below steps.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Prepare a firmware to burn, please download full system image. Click here image-release-blade3-debian11-20230214.img.7z to download the full system image. Please unzip this file first before using it for update.
  • Prepare a MicroSD card with more than 4GB capacity.

Step 2: Download MicroSD card building tool

Step 3: Use the SDDiskTool to make the booting card

(Note: You could only use this tool for making the booting card, please don’t use other MicroSD card tool here)

Choose the correct options as below picture shows, please remember to check SD Boot, this is different from making MicroSD card for upgrade.


Step 4: Boot from MicroSD card

Insert the MicroSD card to Blade 3 in correct direction, and switch the position 2 of dip switch to ON for making Blade 3 boot from MicroSD card