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Full Armbian 23.07 System Image (RAW Firmware)

(Please unzip this file first before using it for update.)

(This is RAW Firmware and if you want to flash firmware via USB-C port then you have to follow the instruction Update Firmware with MaskROM Mode | Docs - Mixtile)

(Also, you could use general SDcard flasher app like “balenaEtcher” to flash this RAW firmware into MicroSD Card directly)

You can find the latest Armbian system builds by Monka at:

Or, find the latest Armbian system builds by Ricardo or create your own using his build environment from:

Thanks to Armbian Team, especially NicoD, Monka, and Ricardo.

Full Debian 11 System Image (Rockchip Format Firmware)

More on how to program it with Mixtile Blade 3 settings on the page Getting Started » Update Firmware

Note: other Linux distributions and Android 12 are not available now, will release in the future.