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From smart lights to smart toilets, the types of smart home devices are countless. At CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show), we have seen a smart toilet that plays music and changes the back-light color based on different “situations”, a smart pet dryer that dries your cat or dog in less than 30 minutes, a smart cheese maker that creates various soft and hard cheeses, etc. Instead of talking about these “interesting” smart home devices, we will instead focus on the more common types of smart home devices.

Smart Control

Below are devices that can control e.g. turn the lights on, close the curtains, etc

Light Bulb

Smart light bulbs are the easiest way to get a feel or get started with building a smart home. All you need to do is unscrew your current light bulbs and replace them with these smart ones

In-wall Switch or Dimmer

Instead of replacing all your regular light bulbs with smart ones, you could also replace your regular in-wall switch with a smart one. This way control multiple regular lights with one smart in-switch

LED Light Strip

Light strips can give your home a ‘futuristic’ feel. You can attach them to the back of your TV, the bottom of your bed, tables, walls, etc. and make them glow in different colors

Door Lock

Combining security and convenience, that is what smart locks give you. With smart locks, you can lock your door when you are away or unlock the door for the for the delivery man

IP Camera

The most relieving feeling you can have is being able to watch your home away from home. The presence of IP cameras may also defer the chances of burglary as well


Another easy way to get started with smart home is with smart outlets. Just plug your lamp, coffee maker, fan, etc. to a smart outlet and you can turn them on and off with your phone


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than half of energy use in homes is for heating and air conditioning. Using a smart thermostat can help you reduce energy use


Filling your house with natural light can help you be more productive. But manually opening or closing the curtains every day can get very tiring. With smart curtains, you can open or close them with your phone or a smart button

Wireless Switch

Wireless switches or buttons let you control your smart home devices at a more convenient location. Turn off the lights when you are in bed or turn off all your appliances with a click of a button

Smart Sensors

You can’t control sensors, but they can give you information that will help you control and automate your other devices.

Motion Sensor

You can use it for movement-based routines such as automatically turning on lights when you get home, locking your doors when no one is home, adjusting the temperature when you go for work, etc.

Contact Sensor

Typically, contact sensors are placed on doors and windows. They can alert you when the door/window is open or close.You can also use it to turn on the lights when the door opens

Water Leakage Sensor

Recovering from flood damage is expensive. You can use a simple water leakage sensor to detect whenever there is water leakage and stop it before major damages

Smoke and Gas Sensors

Most of the time you won’t even need smoke and gas sensors, but just for that one time you need them, they will save your life. If you connect them to a smart hub, you can program it to send an alert to your phone wherever you are

Energy Meter

With knowledge comes power. Using a smart energy meter will give insight on how much electricity you are spending each hour, day, week, etc and act accordingly

Climate Sensor

By themselves, climates sensors are the most useless device, but using it with other devices will make them more useful for e.g. lowering the temperature of your smart thermostat when it gets too hot or turning on the humidifier when it gets too dry

Other common smart home devices

Vacuum robot, video doorbell, smart TV, smart refrigerator, etc.

Besides the list of devices from “other common smart home devices”, all the other types of devices are compatible with Mixtile Hub. Feel free to check out our to learn more about which devices we have tested working with our hub. There are many other devices that will with our hub, but they haven’t been tested yet to be certain.

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