Smart Home Threats. How to Protect Your Privacy?

Private Smart Home

As smart home devices gain more popularity, so do threats that come with them. Hackers, viruses and other cybersecurity threats are starting to get into smart homes around the world to take advantage of people and private information.

Just imagine somebody hacking cameras of your house and leaking videos of your private life online. Or imagine marketing companies spying on your mood and spamming you with targeted ads all day long. Not to mention somebody hacking your security system and breaking into your home at night when you are asleep.

How to avoid all these threats when you do not want to miss out all the opportunities, efficiency and convenience the smart home technology is meant to bring?


First of all, make sure to choose a smart home controller that can provide you both privacy and stability.

Privacy – make sure to use local data processing and local storage option when possible. For remote access through the app, use end-to-end encrypted communication. This helps to avoid your data being shared with third parties for whatever reasons they might have.


Stability – make sure it works also when the internet goes down or when there is a power outage. In some areas, power outages or internet connection problems are not that rare. Make sure your house remains smart even if such events happen.

In addition, do not forget the common advice:

Router’s password – don’t be lazy to change the password of your router. Anything that is connected to Wi-Fi should be taken seriously. If you want your data to stay private, change passwords regularly and choose a less predictable combination of letters and numbers.

Privacy settings – regularly check if your privacy-related settings are ok, as some updates might cause changes in settings. Make sure you do not share more information than necessary for devices to function.

Different brands – although it is easy to choose all your devices from one provider, you should have a second thought about it. A company that produces good voice assistants does not necessarily produce good light bulbs. Analyze the benefits of all devices and combine the best of all of them to your home. Not only will you get a more advanced smart home system but also more private as you don’t trust all your home and its related data into the hands of a single company.

Looking for a smart home hub that is stable and private?

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