Introduction of Mixtile Relay Switch: A new Product in Mixtile Range


Mixtile Relay Switch is a two-part product designed for smarter and safer lighting control. Our patent-pending two-parts design offers uncompromising performance and eliminates many of the safety issues that come with smart switches and relays in the market.

Our unique design

We split the Mixtile Relay Switch into two parts: relay and switch. Mixtile Relay adds Zigbee 3.0 connectivity to your lights. Mixtile Switch is an optional add-on that connects Mixtile Relay and your traditional light switches. The relay works independently without the switch, but with the switch, it will provide exceptional performance and additional features.

What is different?

Mixtile Relay Switch eliminated many of the performance and safety issues present in smart switches and relays in the market. 

  • No minimum load requirement
    Almost all smart switches and relays have a minimum load requirement. If you have light sources (such as LED lights) with lower power requirements, they will start flickering.

    Mixtile Relay Switch does NOT have a minimum requirement. It will work with any light sources with no light flickering or electrical leakage issues. Additionally, it comes with overload protection to stop the circuit when it goes above the maximum load requirement or below the minimum voltage.  

  • No compromises
    Smart relays require constant electricity to work. If you accidentally turn off the light switch, you won’t be able to control your lights remotely from your phone or voice assistant.

    With Mixtile Relay Switch, you can remotely control your lights and use your traditional light switch as usual. No compromises. Mixtile Switch supports rocker and rebound switches. It automatically detects the types without additional configuration.

  • No neutral required
    There are many old houses and some countries that do not have a neutral wire pass through the switch box. However, nearly all smart switches require a neutral wire to work. For the few products that do not require a neutral wire, they sacrificed some functionalities, such as having a low maximum load requirement or only supporting incandescent lights.

    Mixtile Relay Switch works without a neutral wire, and it does not sacrifice on functionalities. It has a maximum of 600W. And it supports incandescent, halogens, LED, and fluorescent light sources.

  • Other features
    Exceptionally small
    With our patent-pending design, we kept Mixtile Switch exceptionally small. It’s so small, you can fit two switches in any electrical boxes to support up to 4-way and up to 4-gang switches.

    Exceptionally reliable:
    We used high temperature resistant material and tested Mixtile Relay Switch by turning it on and off over 160,000 times with no issues. The expected number of on/off operations is 1 million.

Mixtile Relay Switch is our unique and patent-pending two-part product designed to give you a smarter lighting control experience, while eliminating many of the inconveniences and safety issues with other similar products in the market. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at

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