20+ routines ideas you can try with Mixtile Hub

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The biggest reason why you would need a smart hub is to create advanced smart home automation/routines. Routines make your life much more convenient. Today we’re going to give you 20+ interesting automation/routines you can try with Mixtile Hub.

lighting routines

All lights off
Install a button near your bed side. Turn off all your lights in your house with a press of a button or through voice

Midnight light
At night, when you need to use the restroom or get a late-night snack, turn on the lights to 15-20%. Just enough to see without being blinded

Auto lights on or off
Set 2 routines to turn the lights on or off based on whether there are people in the room

Front door light
During the night, when someone walks to your front door, turn on the front door light.

Light indicator
Use a color light to indicate certain events e.g green lights means someone is at the door, red means it’s time to take your medicine, etc.

Water Leakage / Smoke / Gas Detected
Get an alert on your phone when water leakage or smoke or gas is detected

Automatically locking the door at a specific time and/or whenever the door closes

Turn on security mode
Install a button near your front door. When you go out, press the button to enable the security mode routine and lock your doors in 10 seconds

Turn off security mode
Double click on the same button to turn it off

Safety Routines

Security mode
Get a notification alert and turn all the lights to red when someone is trespassing your house

Energy Routines

Everything off
With a touch of button, turn off all your lights and appliances

Energy usage has reached a limit
Get an alert on your phone whenever you’ve used past a certain amount of electricity

You’re wasting AC
When your door or windows have been opened for over 10 minutes, turn off your AC and send an alert to your phone

It’s wintertime!
During wintertime, turn the shades up at a specific time to get some sunshine.

It’s summertime!
Or turn the shades down during summertime to prevent heat from coming in your house

Someone is at the door!
Install a button on your front door. When someone clicks the button, you’ll get a notification on your phone and/or hear the hub say “Someone is at the door”

Time to take your meds
Schedule a routine to remind you to take your meds by voice, notification, and/or email

Do your homework first!
If you have a separate router for your kids, connect it to a smart plug. Turn it off during specific times to let your kids do their homework first

Your kids are home!
Get a notification on your phone when your kids come back from school

Everyday Routines

You got mail!
Install contact sensor on in your mailbox. Get an alert on your phone when the mail is here.

Good morning!
Turn up the blinds and your coffee machine.

Routines can be created two ways: through the Mixtile app or through PaperUI. Some of the routines below can only be created using PaperUI. You can access PaperUI on any browser after you enabled developer mode. To learn how to enable developer mode, click here.

If you have some trouble creating any of these routines, feel free to drop us a message using our contact form or let us know in our community form.

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